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Places of Interest - Jembrana


Jembrana is where the Bali begins for those who come to Bali from Java by using ferry or inland way. Bali and Java mere 4kms in distance or about threty minutes by using ferry. Within Negara as its capital, Jembrana is Bali's westernmost district and where some of Bali's oldest remains of prehistoric humans have been found.

Jembrana also happens to be Bali's most sparsely populated district. A ruling family related to the Gelgel house was established here in the mid 1400s, but a dispute among its two founders led to civil war and a destruction of the court. For a while the area was considered to be a marginal part of the Badung kingdom, but when a prince from Sulawesi set himself up as ruler of Jembrana in the seventeenth century, he did so with little difficulty. Karangasem nearly took Jembrana in the late 1800s, but was pipped at the post by the Dutch, to whom Jembrana surrendered peacefully even before any of the other kingdoms were subdued.

If the traditional art forms of Jembrana are known for anything, it is their size. Bigger is better, it seems, in Jembrana, which boasts the huge bamboo xylophones of the gamelan jegog, the kendang mebarung competitions of large oversized rums.

The makepung bull races festival is a traditional game to celebrate harvest day. It consists of a race between two carts pulled by buffaloes which is decorated very attractive and they run for 2 km long a line which take place in the villages of Banyubiru and Dlod Brawah in the dry season



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